Epistolary Deep Thoughts

  • This past semester I taught Flannery O'Connor's "Good Country People." In a remarkable display of good taste and self-restraint, I did NOT make any Heather Mills jokes.
  • I would trade all my clothes for Shelley Long's Troop Beverly Hills wardrobe.
  • If I were a DJ, my name would be either DJ Booty (in honor of my favorite African nation) or DJ Tanner (in honor of my favorite 80s sitcom).
  • I love to say “WTF.” It’s one of those rare counterproductive abbreviations that actually has more syllables than the phrase it abbreviates.

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hooray to have you back! now i'll never get this thesis done!



oh honey, i'm sorry. me, too. i'll send an invite to the ol' blog...

i just made an appointment for my post-break-up hair butchery. wish me luck.

internet stranger hugs,

(ps - we should go see the gimmes and rock the eff out)


i have more pic britney.thank you for sign me.

Account Deleted
Thank you for the entertainment.

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