Epistolary Deep Thoughts

  • This past semester I taught Flannery O'Connor's "Good Country People." In a remarkable display of good taste and self-restraint, I did NOT make any Heather Mills jokes.
  • I would trade all my clothes for Shelley Long's Troop Beverly Hills wardrobe.
  • If I were a DJ, my name would be either DJ Booty (in honor of my favorite African nation) or DJ Tanner (in honor of my favorite 80s sitcom).
  • I love to say “WTF.” It’s one of those rare counterproductive abbreviations that actually has more syllables than the phrase it abbreviates.

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Honey, I am more likely to eat any food that is described in any way with the word "stick." This has steered me wrong but one time, many a year ago in the French Market at New Orleans, when I foolishly fell for the "alligator on a stick." I give you this, as a gift. "Alligator on a stick" sounds wrong, well...because it IS wrong. Take it to the bank. But pork? How can you go wrong?


OH! And could not agree more with your description of "Chicago style" pizza as "pizza soup in a bread bowl."

*MWAH*. Perfect, Dahhhhling.


porkgasms? very clever.


laughing. too. hard. to. work.

seriously, i'm going to get fired reading you.

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